Nike Kobe 10, the original is famous Shanxi timber merchant, because the active help to win the world Gaozu Li Yuan, minister of works have been done, Jingzhou captaincy and other high officials. He was aged 47 years, Kobe 10 Shoes gave birth to a second daughter, which is later Empress Wu. After twelve years, the samurai hu * sick died. At this time of Nike Kobe Shoes, has grown as flowers, very beautiful. Then, the "military family out of the beauty," the news spread like wildfire, a mass ten, hundred, and finally reached the ears of Emperor Li Shimin.

One day, Nike Kobe 10 sent edicts eunuch Pegasus came home, publicly read the edict: Nike Kobe Shoes was the only person (a palace concubines, the lowest level), Kobe 10 Shoes immediately ordered the palace.

Nike Kobe 10 listening edict, excited and nervous and panicked, thinking: the emperor numerous wives, in addition to being the wife of the Queen, and Princess, Bin, Nike Kobe Shoes, beauty and other levels, but only the lowest position of people, if not the emperor loved, Kobe 10 Shoes must endure life in the deep intrauterine hospital.
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